Our Story

What’s the myth that lies behind our fabrics?

Here’s our story…

Under the Cotton Tree, by the rivers bed lived a fairy princess with a spindle that wove the most beautiful cotton thread.

Her work glistened with style, and felt as cuddly as a cloud, and it made her feel ever so proud.

One rainy day, came a grouchy old spider whose weave could not compete, and the tiny little fairy he wanted to eat.

He chased her through the hills and into the bush where a firefly came along and gave her a push.

She opened her eyes and found herself in a fluffy cotton bud, and was safe from the spider that was stuck in the mud.

She stayed there with her spindle and continued to weave, the most beautiful cotton thread one can ever conceive.

It is this precious thread that we at My Cotton Tree use to make our garments a “favourite” in every child’s closet. We pride ourselves on creating comfortable, stylish clothing for children that allows them to move freely and fearlessly to explore a world of delightful possibilities.

Let us be part of your child’s adventure, and let them create their own story, while styled by My Cotton Tree. Click here to shop online and see if something catches your eye.